Nug Life - Chicken Nugget Embroidered Beanie

Nug Life - Chicken Nugget Embroidered Beanie

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You didn't pick the nug life, the nug life picked you. All the /pol/tards are mad as hell you won't let them in the door - but the only alert you care about on your phone is "Your delivery has arrived" from Uber Eats.

Dipping the nuggets you think "damn, McDonald's delivering is a game changer". That's true - but the real game changer is when you look at your thug life hat and think "yeah that should say nug life"

From the original video:

• 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
• Breathable cotton blend
• Form-fitting shape
• 3D Puff Embroidery for Maximum Comfort
• One size fits most

Size guide

A (inches) 17 ⅜-17 ⅞
B (inches) 8 ⅛
C (inches) 2 ½
D (inches) 8 ¼