Brick Status: STACKED!

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Brick Status: STACKED!


Brick Status: STACKED!


Wow... just wow. You've done it, you comfy sons of a bitches, you've actually done it. We have our first brick stacked for our schizo brothers and sisters! That's right! Over 1000 dollars has been raised by (YOU)! 1,168.59 Abrahams to be precise. And just in time for 4/20

As you probably know, all of us here at Maximum Comfy have had mental illness impact us personally, and understand that when someone is untreated and in the depths of a manic episode, they aren't who they really are. So we started our TempleOS and Schizo Pride lines, and we donate the profits to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 


This is great news for @SCHIZOGANG everywhere! So, to celebrate, we are giving a shoutout to our comfy community! 

NAMi Vets
Comfyness to the MAX
This just blows our mind. Thank you so much for all your comfyness, but let's keep this ball rolling, and raise even more money in Terry's name!
If you want to help donate to NAMI, take a look at our TempleOS gear; We just dropped a new polo! Or if you want to join our community, just click here! Hempy Holidays!
By Comfy Anon