Our Story

Maximum Comfy was started by two random anons named Daniel & Joey. All sorts of Anonymous inspired products existed on Amazon that were funny, but when we ordered them and they arrived the quality was... meh. 
So we made our own - inspired the place we call home, the a**hole of the internet - but with high quality materials, and brightly printed colors, and look great when you unironically have to leave the house to talk to normies.
Daniel was sad until he got Comfy, and Joey bailed him out when people bought too much stuff and Printful emptied his bank account fulfilling orders. Thus: Maximum Comfy was born.
Soon after, we became a group by linking up with other comfy cats around the world. When Comfy met Tinkerbell she told him about the android apps she was building, and he told her about "American Apparel for basement dwellers" ... and that's when things got out of hand. 

Like... really out of hand. 

If you wanna get comfy like us we've made some stuff that'll help. Our stuff is hand printed and stitched, and every time we come up with a new idea you'll see it pop up on the store. The chicken tendies blanket is our favorite, and feel to drop ideas in our comfy wild west Discord.
Stay Comfy,