January Temple OS donations are in!

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January Temple OS donations are in!


January Temple OS donations are in!


Well, this took off faster than expected - we took a request for selling Temple OS merchandise, an operating system coded by the late Terry Davis, and donate the profits to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Just another request in the store right?

Well, to our surprise at the time (but not looking back) - it became our #1 selling item. We were staring down the barrel of a giant excel sheet of purchases - figuring out which purchases were part of charity collections... then subtracting:

- Shopify ripping us off

- Paypal ripping us off

- The IRS ripping us off

- Returns, exchanges, and discounts

In the other computer tab were facebook comments, emails, and even voicemails asking us to prove we actually donated profits.

Well, we usually do the charity numbers at the end of the year - but because of the overwhelming response we'll go ahead and do it now at a flat rate.

After taxes, shipping, etc we usually have 10% left over for chicken mcnuggets, so we'll donate that once a month. Of the ~ $3,000 in sales for January, 2/3 of that was Temple OS:

So 10% is $212.84 - off it goes to NAMI :)

This is more manageable to do (takes about 1 hour instead of 10) so we'll do this once a month now.

As a reminder, this is a non-profit collection inside of a for-profit business... that's the reason the math is co complicated.

We'll post this update once a month (now that we've decided on a flat 10% it's easier) and post proof. Want our donations to increase?


Comfily yours,

- Maximum Comfy

By Comfy Anon