Schizo Pride is in :)

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Schizo Pride is in :)


Schizo Pride is in :)


Daniel here - and story time:

About 2 years ago a friend from college (let's call her Ming) hit me up out of the blue on LinkedIn - I hadn't heard from her in 10 years.

Her request? To see if I could get in touch with the royal family because Megan Markle had stolen her identity, and she was in fact married to prince harry. I thought she was joking - but after a few more back and forth I noticed something was different.

You see, Schizophrenia is something that sort of sneaks up on you - you develop it right around your mid 20's. Until then you're totally normal. When I knew her in college, she was totally normal, too  

Hell, even the guy who designed the motherboard for the original Macintosh is schizophrenic.

yeah, that guy.

After a while, I realized I was never getting my friend back. I still talk to her often, because while 80% of it is about the royal family, prince harry, and the illuminati, 20% of it she's still there.

A lot of people I talk to don't really understand why, but if you were in my shoes you'd probably talk to your old friend too. Who knows, you could be the only one that talks to her like she's normal.

Well, it turns out that the reason the way her brain works makes sense (even if it doesn't make sense) is that I'm on that spectrum too - I found out a few days ago.

The story about me isn't that interesting, but it turns out yes, it's a spectrum - and if 0 is a normie, and Ming is a 5, I'm a ~ 1. So we have more common than I thought :)

And so I decided to make a shirt for both of us - something cool to celebrate what we have in common. The bad news is - she now thinks I'm in the illuminati and I'm one of them. The good news is - the shirt is dope.

Stay Comfy,

- Daniel

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