Official Sneed™ City Slicker Hat (Back in stock!)

Official Sneed™ City Slicker Hat (Back in stock!)

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We have a new supplier out of Hong Kong that finally makes these in great quality!

Well well, look at the city slickers in their website tracking down the exact hat that Sneed is wearing....

Well la di da... it's some kind of green square



Well la dee da, I do believe that's some kind of knockoff john deere logo


Those discord boys sure done figured out the mystery. Better change it just enough so they don't get their asses sued by The Simpsons or John Deere. 


• 100% cotton on a bright red 5 panel cap
• Soft-structured
• Low profile
• Metal eyelets
• Nylon strap clip closure
• We do not give refunds from broken pelvises due to too many men/women running after you screaming "FEED ME SNEED"