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Just 3 quick updates from us:

1) THANK YOU!!! - Maximum Comfy has taken off in a way we never thought possible... let alone planned. We're now sending comfy stuff to people all over the world - and just passed $5,000 in comfy stuff sold. We're responsibly spending it on tendies and nitro boosts for our insanely problematic discord server. We just hit 300 people, so if you have a strong stomach feel free to drop in.

2) The Temple OS collection has blown up, partially because we're now on the templeos.org website...

For those out of the loop - Terry Davis was a legendary schizophrenic programmer who coded Temple OS. He has a huge following online and our #1 request was Terry Davis stuff - and it's now our #1 bestseller.

To help out, and since we're schizos ourselves - we're following his family's wishes and donating the profits to NAMI.

We've lined out which products are for charity in our charity collection - the Temple OS Collection will join our original Schizo Pride Collection in having all profits donated at the end of each year.

3) Totally unrelated - Bjork is the GOAT.

We can't actually sell any Bjork stuff, just wanted to say that.

Sincerely & Gratefully,

Maximum Comfy

By Comfy Anon