Terry Xmas

Hey Comfy Cats,
Wanted to wish all of you a Terry Xmas from us at Maximum Comfy. It's been a wild year for everyone - including us. We've been hard at working making new stuff for you comfy cats and made it a priority to deliver the #1 thing you asked us for: Temple OS stuff.
So here we go, wishing you a Terry Xmas - the Temple OS collection.
You might see our ads up all over the place featuring two legends: the dude is Terry Davis, a legendary programmer who was a schizo and built his own operating system - the Third Temple built in Holy C directly instructed by god. Oh, and you can use the Operating System to communicate with him (duh).
The butt belongs to Cosmic, who runs our discord and loves Terry as much as we do. She ran the most epic Discord server we'd ever seen - Lake Nyah - so she climbed aboard as our first Basement Dweller Influencer and now runs our Discord.
Before you ask: half of Maximum Comfy are schizos too, just not on Terry's level. We're working on getting on the list of templeos.org merch, and the dream is to stack enough bricks to one day give people like us a place to go when the three letter boys pile up.
Terry Xmas 
- Maximum Comfy
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